Bite Guards

Bite Guards Dagsboro DE

Preventing Teeth Grinding

Occlusal splints (also called bite splints, bite planes, or night guards) are removable dental appliances carefully molded to fit the upper or lower arches of teeth.

They are used to protect your teeth and restoration surfaces, manage mandibular (jaw) dysfunction, and stabilize the occlusion or create space prior to restoration procedures. People prone to nocturnal (nighttime) clenching & grinding and TMJ disorders may benefit from an occlusal splint. Occlusal splints (night guards) are typically made of heat-cured acrylic resin.

Sometimes a consult with an oral surgeon may be necessary prior to fabricating the occlusal appliance to ensure that the TMJ does not need surgical intervention.

Dr. Kevin and Wendy Brafman are happy to discuss if splint therapy is appropriate for you.