About Us

What sets us apart?

"Our mission is to improve the dental health of our patients, no matter their age, through excellent dental care and to that end help our patients keep their teeth for the rest of their lives in maximum comfort, function, and aesthetics. We will strive to make every experience in our office unlike any other healthcare facility from the standpoint of comfort, education, treatment, and standard of care."

What makes us different?


Kevin and Wendy Brafman have combined over 20 plus years of experience in the dental field and have provided comprehensive dentistry to thousands of patients in Sussex County Delaware. Their practice was established in 2002.

Husband-Wife Team

Whether you choose to see a male or female dentist we want you to feel comfortable with your choice. Want to switch from one doctor to the other? Go ahead! We know that not every personality suits every person.


We are conveniently located on Route 26 between Ocean View and Dagsboro with ample parking. We offer prompt morning, lunchtime, and afternoon appointments for you.


To make your dental treatment affordable we accept and file your dental insurance, complimentary of course, and offer a variety of payment options for your treatment goals. We are an in-network provider for Delta Dental Premier and participate with Care Credit.

One Location

Having both doctors in one office Monday thru Friday really matters to our patients! When other dentists open multiple locations, patients experience not seeing the provider of their choice at each visit. Kevin and Wendy Brafman believe in continuity of care, and seeing one provider on a consistent basis. Having one location, the patient can rest assured that when they call to make an appointment, their doctor will be available to see them.


We place a special emphasis on educating and monitoring our patient's oral hygiene, throughout their dental treatment. Furthermore, both Kevin and Wendy Brafman are committed to continuing education every year going well above the recommended standards to ensure we are equipped with the latest techniques and technology.